President’s Second Quarter Impact Report Now Available!

Dear Friend,

Summer 2022 is an uneasy time for America. But it’s a hopeful time here in Auburn as our Mises U students arrive and our Fellows blossom as scholars. And we were thrilled to receive Per Bylund’s new Austrian primer from the printer! If you’re a Patron, expect your copy soon. Otherwise, the book will be available in our bookstore in the coming weeks.

Please take a moment to read our second quarter Impact Report for news about our work as the real heterodox academy for more and more young people.

We hope you stay engaged with us! If you have not already, make plans soon to attend our 40th Anniversary Gala in Arizona, which promises to be a fantastic weekend. And be sure to keep up with our latest news, articles, podcasts, and more by subscribing here.

We deeply appreciate everything you do to advance the mission of the Mises Institute.