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“Uncovered: Iran Aids Hamas in Developing Precision Missile Power

As tensions in the Middle East continue to simmer, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have uncovered evidence that Hamas is actively attempting to develop precision missile capabilities with Iranian help. This news further ramps up the threat that Israel faces from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. The announcement comes shortly before the fourteenth straight day of IDF airstrikes against the Palestinian Territories, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to use all available resources to eliminate militants who threaten Israel’s security. “[Hamas] will pay a heavy price for its continued aggression,” Netanyahu said in a public statement. According to the IDF’s intelligence branch, increased research and development activity by Iranian-backed forces have helped to facilitate precision rocket production processes in Gaza. Reports suggest that the precise aim of these Iranian-backed missiles could significantly disrupt IAF defense systems, increase damage potential to nearby Israeli civilian population centres, and reduce the amount of time available for IAF response efforts. Notably, this news follows increasing Western allegations that Iranian forces have been actively taking part in military operations in the region, with growing evidence for the smuggling of weapons into the Gaza Strip under the leadership of Hamas and Iran. In an effort to counter a potential escalation of Hamas-Iranian aggression, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz ordered “extraordinary military action” against Iranian-supporting organisations and their operatives. The mission, named “Force Unnamed”, was first created in early 2019 when Israeli and US intelligence came across proof of Iranian backed operations being conducted in Syria and Lebanon. Citing panelists at a virtual event hosted by the Foreign Policy Association in April 2021, intelligence suggested that this mission is “vital component in Israel’s counter-terrorism strategy” and was “central to the success of Israeli and international efforts to push Iranian-supported militants back and restore crucial strategic balance in the Levant region.” As threats of a Gaza-Iranian missile capability become increasingly evident, the Israeli military will be on high alert for further developments. If the current trend of aggressive activity continues, the region faces a period of prolonged and dangerous uncertainty.