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Fleeing in Fear: Residents of Russia’s Belgorod Region Escape Deadly Cross-Border Attacks from Ukraine

Residents of Russia’s Belgorod region have been fleeing their homes in fear of cross-border attacks from neighboring Ukraine. The attacks, which are believed to be linked to a conflict between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists, have left dozens dead since the summer. The regional government of Belgorod said that since the start of the conflict, they have seen a sharp rise in the number of people evacuating the region due to the threat of violence. Up to 100,000 people have left the area, and more are expected to flee if the situation does not improve. The conflict began in 2014, when Russian-backed forces took control of the region of Donetsk, which was then declared independent from Ukraine. The Ukrainian army has since tried to regain control of the region and has engaged in numerous battles with the separatists. The fighting has recently intensified, and has spilled over into neighboring regions, including Belgorod. The violence has caused many to believe that the conflict has now reached a new level, that of a full-scale war. Residents of Belgorod have been the main victims of the cross-border violence, with reports of homes being shelled and people being killed in the crossfire. The regional government has urged the people of Belgorod to leave the region for their own safety. The displacement of families from the region has put a strain on the local economy and the government’s resources. The residents who have been forced to flee their homes are now living in makeshift camps or with relatives in other parts of Russia. The situation is worrisome for both sides. With no end in sight for the conflict, more and more people are likely to flee the Belgorod region as the fighting intensifies. The humanitarian costs of the conflict have been devastating for both sides, and the situation in Belgorod is just the latest in a long list of tragedies.