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The Fed and the Culture War

On this episode of Radio Rothbard, Ryan McMaken and Tho Bishop look at the rhetoric surrounding the Federal Reserve. A growing chorus of pundits is attacking Jerome Powell for risking a recession, but this misses what has brought the economy to this point. Is it possible to get American attention spans to capture the true cause of our economic instability? Can monetary policy ride the wave of the current culture war? Ryan and Tho address this and more in this week’s show.

Recommended Reading

“Inflation: State-Sponsored Terrorism” by Jeff Deist:

“The Fed’s Plan Is Failing: Stagflation Looms as Job Growth Stalls” by Ryan McMaken:

“Inflation Kills” (Human Action Podcast) with Jeff Deist and Robert P. Murphy:

“We Cannot Interpret Economic Data Unless We Know Economic Theory” by Frank Shostak:

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