“Electric Shock: A New Blue Tarantula Species Found in Thailand!

An amazing discovery has been made in Thailand. Scientists recently discovered a new species of tarantula that is electric blue in color. The spider, formally known as the Heterothele villosepes, was spotted by Dr. John C. Murphy and his team from the Florida Museum of Natural History while conducting a survey in Thai nature reserves. It is believed to be a cousin to the Gooty tarantula, another species of tarantula native to India discovered more than 100 years ago. Like the Gooty tarantula, the recently discovered species is distinguished by its vibrant electric blue color, but it also has its own unique features. The newly named Heterothele villosepes has a body length of roughly 25 mm and eight leg segments. It is the only tarantula species known to have forward-pointing bristles on its abdomen. Heterothele villosepes’ habitat is limited to northern Thailand, where they are found in limestone caves and dry forests. They live in the deep crevices of rocks and logs, much like other species of tarantula. The electric blue of these spiders is actually a combination of white, yellow, and iridescent blue, which can be seen as the spiders either move or when the light hits them. It is believed that the bright color is meant to warn predators of the spider’s toxicity and leave it alone. This newly-discovered species of tarantula is an incredible find and provides more insight into the ever-growing arachnid family. Its unique color and features represent the sheer variety and complexity of the animal kingdom and its secrets still left to be explored.