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The changing business landscape and global economic crisis have caused many companies to experience a sharp decline in their leadership. With competitive markets and an uncertain future, some businesses find themselves in need of new leadership. How can businesses find the right leaders to take them from their current state of decline to a more promising path? The first step in finding a leader is to assess the company’s current situation and look for any areas that need improvement. Is the company’s current strategy working or is a change necessary? Looking at the company’s strengths and weaknesses provides important insight into the type of leader needed. Companies should also consider any external factors, such as customer feedback and industry trends, to ensure they select the best candidate for the job. Once a company is aware of the specific skills required for a leader, they should look for individuals with a track record of success in related roles. Leaders can have different backgrounds, from executives to entrepreneurs, and it’s important to identify the best person for the position. Strong communication and problem-solving skills are essential for any leader and those who demonstrate these traits should be given first priority. In order to ensure a successful transition, the company should provide training to the new leader. A comprehensive onboarding program should cover the company’s vision, mission, and values and should clearly establish the leader’s responsibilities. Additionally, the company should be willing to provide the new leader with the necessary tools and resources to help him or her succeed. This could include access to financial resources, mentors, and experts in the field. Finally, companies should consider using video interviews and virtual recruitment events to find candidates. This allows companies to interact with potential leaders without the constraints of face-to-face meetings. It also reduces the burden on travel costs and provides businesses with a larger pool of potential candidates. Video interviewing can also be a great way to evaluate a leader’s communication skills and aptitude for the role. Finding the right leader after a sharp decline can be a difficult task but with the right processes, the right candidates can be identified and the company can begin to build its future. Companies should consider all the factors involved when selecting a leader and use the resources available to them to ensure they make the best decision. This should include assessing the company’s current situation, looking for the best candidates, and providing the right training and support. Additionally, harnessing the power of video interviews can be a powerful tool in finding the ideal leader.