“White House Unleashed: ‘Playing Partisan Games’ Amid Government Shutdown

The White House has released a strong statement in response to government shutdown deliberations, accusing house Democrats of ‘playing partisan politics’. The statement was released Tuesday evening after both parties spent the day negotiating the potential end to the longest government shutdown in American history. In its response, the White House laid blame for the shutdown at the feet of Democrats, claiming they “are unwilling to come to the table in good-faith to negotiate real solutions”. The statement went on to accuse Democrats of “picking winners and losers through their Began-negotiated congressional piggy-bank”. This reference was likely to the fact that, while Congress and the White House have agreed on additional border security funding, Democrats are reluctant to provide any additional appropriations for a wall or immigration restrictions. The statement then turned to President Trump, saying that the President’s proposals are “sensible, effective, and have widespread support from the American people”. The White House claims that the Democratic party’s “refusal to compromise” is leading to the continued shutdown. The statement closes by warning the Democrats that the shutdown could have “dire” consequences, and appeals to them to come to the table and “craft a bipartisan solution” that works for everyone. It is clear from the White House’s statement that both sides are still very far apart on reaching an agreement for a government shutdown. With the shutdown now entering its fourth week, it remains to be seen if the White House’s stern words will be enough to bring the two sides together and veto a solution.