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“Nine Major City Stores to Close: Target Cites Violence and Theft

Target, one of the largest retailers in the United States, announced yesterday that it would be closing nine stores across major cities due to increased theft and violence. The announcement has caused an uproar among customers who are disappointed that their stores will soon be shuttered and annoyed at the implications of Target’s decision. Target was one of the first stores to open in the new wave of corporate-owned retail stores replacing the mom-and-pop stores. Since its launch, Target has been experiencing tremendous growth, becoming an essential part of daily life for many customers. However, according to a statement from Target’s CEO Brian Cornell, the decision to close the nine stores was made due to an increase in theft and violence in the stores. Cornell stated, “The safety of our guests and team members is always our top priority, and we have seen an increase in theft and violent incidents in some of our stores. As a result, we have decided to close nine of our stores in major cities to ensure that we are creating a safe and secure shopping environment for all of our customers and team members.” In a move designed to reassure customers, Target is also increasing security and adding surveillance cameras in their stores. The added measures are deemed necessary given the potential risks posed by the increasing levels of theft and violence. The decision to close the stores has also been met with criticism by some, who argue that Target’s decision unfairly affects certain communities. Target has refuted these claims, stating that the decision to close the stores is not based on geographic location but rather on the need to ensure the safety of their customers and employees. In the wake of the announcement, Target has also committed to maintaining their existing jobs at the affected stores by transferring all employees to other locations. Target’s decision to close certain stores may have caused disagreement among customers, but its commitment to safety and its employees demonstrate that Target is taking proactive steps to ensure a safe experience for all.