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“Bombshell: GOP Lawmaker Exposes Biden’s Lie About Hunter’s Business Deals!

No Longer Any Dispute Biden Lied About Never Talking Business With Hunter: GOP Lawmaker Joe Biden’s denial of ever talking business with his son Hunter appears to be a lie according to Republican lawmaker, Matt Gaetz. Gaetz, a Florida Representative, has made a number of public questioning of Joe Biden with accusations that the Democratic presidential hopeful and his son Hunter engaged in influence peddling involving billion dollar foreign investments while Hunter served on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Gaetz has asserted that Biden lied about not talking business with Hunter, citing a conversation the two reportedly had during a Christmas dinner in 2018 — a dinner which included various Biden family members and the investor with whom Hunter made a deal. The investment deal was heavily criticized for its suspect timing just shortly after the Biden family was known to have been pushed out of a previous business in the same industry. The conservative congressman tweeted about the reported conversation following Biden’s denial that he and Hunter had never discussed Hunter’s foreign businesses. Gaetz wrote, “Christmas 2018: Biden dines with his family and Chris Heinz, the investor in Hunter’s/Chris’s firm. So much for ‘no discussions of business.'” While the Biden family has refused to address the claims of influence peddling made by Gaetz and other GOP figures, it appears that the presidential hopeful had a much closer relationship with Hunter’s business than he has thus far admitted. It is yet to be seen what actual impact this will have on Biden’s presidential candidacy, but if the allegations are true, it would, without a doubt, prove to be damaging. Regardless, this news has created a huge stir among the public and the media, leading to speculation around whether or not Biden is fit to be the president of the United States. However, many of Biden’s supporters have dismissed the claims as a partisan-driven attempt to discredit the Democratic candidate. They have also strived to dispel any doubts that Biden is a competent presidential candidate with the capability to lead the United States, citing the Obama-Biden administration’s accomplishments, including the Affordable Care Act, the Iran nuclear deal, the Cuban thaw, and many other policies. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen where this controversy ultimately goes but, for the time being, it appears that much of the public’s and the media’s attention has been drawn to this issue. Given Biden’s position as a potential next US president, it is very likely this scandal will be resonating among US citizens for the foreseeable future.