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Standing Up to the Bully: Philippine Defense Secretary’s Promise to Faceoff Against China

China’s aggressive stance in much of the South China Sea has become the subject of many discussions in both the nation and the international community. The Philippines in particular has been at the forefront of the discussion due to the country’s close proximity to the waters in question and the implications of the Chinese government’s actions on Philippine maritime sovereignty. In a show of solidarity with the international community, the Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has vowed to stand up to the bully-like tactics of China. In a press conference this past weekend, Lorenzana stated that China has blatantly ignored international maritime laws, and that his government will take a firm stance against any attempts by China to claim ownership of the South China Sea’s resources. The Secretary of Defense further backed up his comments with an example of willingness to act, detailing specific plans for the following fiscal year. These plans include dispatching soldiers to the disputed sea to conduct maritime exercises and increasing the country’s naval presence in the area. Furthermore, Lorenzana has requested to hold a joint maritime security exercise with other nations within the South China Sea region. This move, according to Secretary Lorenzana, would serve as a reminder to China that all nations have a say in the region and that international rules are to be respected. In conclusion, the Philippine Defense Secretary’s vow to stand up to China’s bully-like tactics is a commendable act of strength and conviction. A united front amongst Asian countries, setting aside socioeconomic issues and borders, is essential for ensuring the peaceful resolution of territorial disputes in the South China Sea.