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for work “CVS Stepping In: Frustrated Pharmacists Too Busy to Show Up – What’s the Remedy?

As the coronavirus pandemic has increased demands on healthcare providers, it has become increasingly difficult to find adequate staffing for pharmacies. In particular, many CVS stores have been left understaffed due to pharmacists becoming overwhelmed with their workload. The company has responded quickly by deploying additional staff, ensuring that customers are able to pick up their prescriptions on time. Since the onset of the pandemic, CVS stores have seen an influx of customers coming in to fill their prescription both through the mail and in-store visits. The added demand has created a greater work load for existing pharmacy staff and overwhelmed many pharmacists. According to a report from Vox, CVS has had to deploy additional staff or double their current staff in order to keep their stores running smoothly. CVS has taken several proactive steps to help alleviate the burden on pharmacists, including the recruitment of additional staff as well as double shifts for current employees. The company has also implemented more efficient processes to help expedite the process of filling out prescriptions. This includes automated reminder calls to customers to let them know when their prescription is ready for pick up, as well as real-time tracking of prescriptions so that customers can monitor the status of their orders. In addition, CVS has also recently announced that they are now offering free delivery of prescriptions for customers in all 50 states. This is part of CVS’s broader effort to provide better access to medications, allowing customers more flexibility in when and where they pick up their medications. As the pandemic continues to put immense pressure on healthcare providers, it’s important for companies like CVS to respond quickly to customer needs. The proactive steps taken by CVS demonstrate their commitment to providing quality care no matter the situation. With the continued implementation of these measures, CVS will hopefully be able to continue providing excellent service while taking the work load off of pharmacists.