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“Teen Terror: 14-year-old Suspect Detained After Deadly Shopping Mall Massacre in Thailand

At least three people were killed and five injured in a shooting at a shopping mall in Thailand on Saturday. According to local officials, a 14-year-old suspect is now in police custody. Police say the shooting began at Terminal 21 mall in Korat, located about 155 miles northeast of Bangkok. The suspect was reportedly caught by people at the mall, who held him until police arrived. They say he had three firearms, including two rifles and a handgun. The identities of the victims have yet to be released, but officials believe they may have known the suspect. It is not known at this time what led to the incident. The news of the shooting has shocked the community in Korat, a normally peaceful city that rarely experiences such violence. Many local residents are calling for stronger gun control laws in Thailand after the shooting. The shooting has also provoked a heated discussion on how young people are able to acquire firearms. Police have not released any information about how the suspect obtained his weapons and ammunition. The suspect is now being held in police custody pending a trial. It is unclear at this time what charges he may face and whether he will be treated as an adult or a minor. This incident is a tragic reminder of the need for stronger gun control laws, both in Thailand and around the world. Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, the loss of three lives in Korat is a tragedy that cannot be forgotten.