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Evicted! Nancy Pelosi Unceremoniously Kicked out of House Office by Interim Speaker

Often times when it comes to the rules of politics, those in power adhere to a strict set of protocols. One of the most recent examples of such happened earlier this week when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced to vacate her office in Washington DC by the new Interim House Speaker. On Tuesday, Pelosi returned to the Capitol to find her office empty and her belongings removed. Reports have since stated that her office had been occupied by Corry Bliss, the Interim Chair of House Republicans. According to a spokesperson for the House Rules Committee, Pelosi was not evicted from her office, nor did she need to move out. Under the rules of the House, the Speaker’s office becomes available to any Member of Congress subject to a majority election of the House of Representatives. Though it is protocol in the House of Representatives for the majority to use the Speaker’s office, Pelosi has expressed her discontent with the situation. In an interview with CNN, Pelosi noted that the interim Speaker did not follow protocol or tradition and that she was “disappointed in the disrespect shown” as there there was no communication to Pelosi of the intention to move her out. The incident has since been resolved, with Pelosi now returning to her office. However, it serves as an important reminder of the power the majority wields in times of transition as well as the importance of adhering to traditional protocols. Despite the incident, Pelosi has returned to the office with the intention of upholding her office with the dignity and respect that the people of the United States deserve. As republicans and democrats continue to endeavor to work together for the progress and prosperity of the nation, it is hopeful that such future occurrences will be handled in a manner that reflects the importance of respecting protocols, traditions, and the process of Democracy.