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“Trump as Interim House Speaker: A Short-Term Solution for Republicans?

Donald Trump has stated that he would accept to be House Speaker for a short time, if the Republicans need him to fill the position to decide on a permanent replacement. The offer came after the recent surprise resignation of current Speaker of the House, Representative Paul Ryan. This decision surprised Republicans and created a leadership vacuum among the GOP. Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s leader in the U.S. held a press conference in Washington, D.C. where he explained his willingness to take up the position, if it were offered to him. “If the Republicans needed me to bridge the gap until they decide on a suitable replacement, I would fill the role of Speaker, but only for a short period of time”, Trump said. The commentators and analysts greeted the statement with curiosity, with some citing it as a possible motivating factor in the midterm elections set for 2018. Others criticized the move, saying that it was a blatant power grab by the president that further abused the power of the office and the GOP. Whatever one’s opinion, it cannot be denied that his offer presents an interesting proposition for the Republican Party. It will be interesting to see how the party responds to the President’s offer, and if it will allow him to take up the position as interim Speaker of the House. It is clear that Trump’s offer to the Republican Party is a gamble. There is a risk that the move will backfire as it could hurt the GOP’s chances in the midterm elections, or simply create more chaos and disunify the Party. On the other hand, it could prove beneficial and unite the Party behind him. Only time will tell.