“Rep. Goldman Experiences Jewish Celebration Amidst Conflict: Bar Mitzvah During Hamas Rocket Fire in Israel

Bar Mitzvahs are a special time in any family’s life, but for U.S. Representative Marc Goldman and his family, their recent Bar Mitzvah celebration in Israel took on an added layer of significance as they were in the midst of violent attacks by Hamas. The Goldman family, who was in Israel to celebrate the upcoming adulthood of their son, Devon, had the support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as they were sheltered and made it through the difficult times safely. Rep. Goldman’s family originally arrived in Israel to celebrate Devon’s Bar Mitzvah, which marks a traditional coming of age for Jewish boys, at the Western Wall with family and friends. But their plans were quickly changed when a rocket from Hamas struck Jerusalem. The Goldman family was immediately sheltered in a nearby bomb shelter while they were awaiting the Israeli Iron Dome rocket defense defense system to take down the missiles. The family was reported to have been in shock, but were still able to thank the stranger who helped them get to the bomb shelter safely. After the Iron Dome took down the rocket, the Goldman family safely returned to their hotel to continue their bar mitzvah celebration. As a result of the terror that was inflicted on innocent civilians, Prime Minister Netanyahu has since declared that the Israel will not accept any ceasefire agreement “as long as even one rocket is fired at Israel or its citizens.” This is an encouraging response from the Israeli government, as it signifies a commitment to protecting its citizens from any threat. Despite the danger that the Goldman family had faced, they were still able to take part in a traditional Bar Mitzvah, complete with music, dancing and of course, great food. After coming out unscathed from the Hamas attack, the Goldman family expressed gratitude for the safety that was provided by the Israeli Defense Force. “We are grateful for the safety of our family as well as the countless others in Israel and the region who have been affected by Hamas’s aggression,” Rep. Goldman said in a statement. “This is not the Bar Mitzvah celebration we had imagined, but we are thankful to have made it home safely.” The Bar Mitzvah of Rep. Goldman’s son Devon was certainly a special and meaningful occasion, and one that will not be forgotten. This reminder of the value of family, faith, and safety in times of crisis is one that the Goldman family will undoubtedly take with them and remember for years to come.