“Schumer Challenges Xi: China’s Relationship with US Will Shape Humanity’s Future

The United States is pressing for China to support a two-state solution to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and observers suggest that the Biden-Harris administration is more serious than ever before about using U.S. power to shape the situation. In a recent statement, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has expressed support for President Joe Biden’s call on Chinese President Xi Jinping to take a more positive stance towards Israel. Schumer noted that “under President Xi, China has been expanding its influence and presence in the Middle East region,” and that such activities should come alongside a commitment to seeking a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. “It should also be accompanied by China standing up for peace and stability and its support of the State of Israel,” he added. Schumer suggested that a positive relationship between the Chinese and American governments could serve as an example and force for stabilizing the Middle Eastern region and bringing the two states closer together. In response, China’s foreign ministry has said that the future of humanity will largely depend on the relationship between China and the United States. “The world’s major countries should work together to safeguard world peace and stability, and jointly shoulder the heavy responsibility of promoting global development and progress,” the ministry said in a statement. Unsurprisingly, the Chinese government is resistant to any policy initiatives from the U.S. that would constrain or interfere with Chinese influence in the region. Chinese officials have been firm in rejecting U.S. efforts to promote democracy in developing countries, and any demand from the United States to support a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine is likely to be met with similar resistance. Nonetheless, Schumer’s statement reflects a renewed focus by the U.S. government on the need to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. As the Biden-Harris administration brings this kind of sustainable diplomatic pressure on China, we could be moving closer to a more lasting peace in the Middle East.