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“Caroline Ellison’s Grueling Story: A Star Witness’s Take on the Bankman-Fried Trial and Life in ‘Constant Dread'”.

Caroline Ellison is the star witness in the ongoing trial of Bankman Fried, and she recently recounted her experiences living in a constant state of dread. Ellison testified that Bankman Fried threatened her life on multiple occasions, and he also threatened the lives of various members of her family. The court heard testimony that between June 1, 2020 and August 30, 2020, Bankman Fried systematically stalked, harassed, and intimidated Ellison. He followed her to school, work, the grocery store, and even to church. On multiple occasions, Bankman Fried shouted threats at Ellison while she was out walking her dog. He even showed up to her house unannounced, demanding entry. Additionally, Ellison reported that Fried had made threats to harm her family members if she didn’t comply with his demands. He sent her numerous text messages and emails that made explicit references to the safety of her loved ones. Due to this ongoing intimidation and fear of physical violence, Ellison was constantly in a heightened state of alarm. She testified that she was never able to relax her guard around Bankman Fried, always expecting the worst. This experience of sustained fear and trepidation left her feeling constantly on edge, unable to trust anyone or feel secure in her own home. The trial of Bankman Fried is ongoing, and Caroline Ellison remains a star witness in the case. It is her account of living in a constant state of dread that is likely to be a significant factor in the ultimate verdict. As the case moves forward, it is possible that her story will become a powerful rallying cry for victims of domestic abuse and intimidation.