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“Discover the Shocking Shift in Grocery Prices–It May Change How You Shop!

The demand for household necessities have surged in the past few months, as people across the world abide by longer periods of quarantine amidst the coronavirus pandemic. This has led to an increase in prices of many popular grocery items. A study conducted by GodzillaNewz shows that there is a substantial change between the pre-pandemic and current prices of products that are used widely in households. It was found that the prices of dairy products had risen the most — with an average increase of 10%, both in the US and the UK. A quart of milk, in the US, rose from around 2.80USD to 3USD, while a 500ml bottle of whole milk in UK jumped from £1.10 to £1.17. Meat is another item that has observed a significant surge in recent months. Beef prices in both the US and UK rose by 8%, while chicken also experienced an increase of 7%. Prices of pork have also gone up by 5% and 6% respectively. Fresh fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and other edible commodities also experienced a similar rise in prices. Nuts, for instance, rose by an average of 9% in both countries. Meanwhile, no substantial price increase was observed for some items which are usually considered expensive. Items such as olive oil, condiments, coffee, tea, and processed food, such as noodles, observed only minor changes in their costs. Manufacturers and trade groups have cited the high cost of production as the main reason for the price hikes. This includes factors such as disrupted production and transportation, and an increase in costs associated with compliance with health standards. Governments have taken several steps to ensure a steady and affordable supply of essential commodities. Many countries, including the US and UK, have imposed certain limits on prices. With the current increment in the prices, customers are urged to make choices wisely and to be aware of the prices of their regular grocery items.