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“Equal Weight: Are SOXX and Semis Poised for a Breakdown? Watch Now for Free!

Semis ETFs have been on a strong rise over the last several years, with the First Trust Nasdaq Semiconductor ETF (SOXX) leading the pack in terms of performance. However, recent investor interest in Equal Weight Semiconductor ETFs (EWS) has been causing a shakeup in the semiconductor market. This has been evidenced in the breakdown of sectors, with the top five EWS gaining the most traction. For investors, this could be a sign of strong market conditions that are likely to continue. The growth in the semiconductor sector has been consistent, and investors have been looking towards the EWS as an attractive place to gain exposure to this industry. The information provided by these ETFs can be an invaluable tool in helping investors make smarter decisions with their investments. The steering to EWS has been a welcome direction, as split-weighted indices like SOXX have been the norm for a while now. As explained in the video below, the segmentation of the market in an equal weight ETF has the potential to provide investors with better returns than those achieved by a single ETF like SOXX. The breakdown of the semiconductor market can act as a yard stick for investors, giving them an idea of what sectors are seeing the most growth. It is important to note that the EWS have been quick to grow in the past few months, while SOXX has remained relatively stagnant. This could be an indication of SOXX’s reach having reached a plateau, and possibly even an indication that it’s time for a new leader in the sector. Investors will need to keep an eye on how the semiconductor market changes in the coming months, as the potential for returns from the EWS might prove to be too attractive to ignore. With most of the major industry players now participating in this segment of the industry, it is likely that SOXX’s reign could soon be coming to an end.