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“Ramaswamy Campaign Collects a Cool $7.4M in Just 3 Months!

In a record-breaking move, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin, has raised an unprecedented amount for his campaign for the 2021 assembly election. Over the past three months (July to September 2020), the MK Stalin campaign has seen a mammoth donation of $7.4 million USD. At a press conference to mark the announcement, Chief Minister Stalin thanked his well-wishers for their generous contributions and said, “Our success is a true testament to the faith and support of our people in Tamil Nadu. I am humbled and grateful to all who contributed to our campaign thus far.” The impressive inflow of donations has made MK Stalin’s campaign the biggest recipient of funds in the history of Tamil Nadu elections. Experts say that the donations mark a tremendous shift towards modern campaigning with an emphasis on digital media. The Chief Minister’s team claims that the donations have come from both individual and corporate sources. Furthermore, it has also been reported that much of the donations have come from the Gulf countries, with some hailing from the United Kingdom and United States. Experts say that by focusing on digital media, MK Stalin’s team has been able to reach out to a much wider base and garner more donations in the process. The campaign had also reportedly underlined the need to address several pressing issues facing the state such as inadequate healthcare, poverty, and water management, which could have numerous donors. MK Stalin is expected to win the 2021 election with this record-breaking fund raising effort. This victory, many claim, will be due to his resilient leadership and the subsequent support from the people of Tamil Nadu. The remarkable contribution of $7.4 Million USD marks an unprecedented milestone in Tamil Nadu’s electoral landscape and could prove to be a vital factor in MK Stalin’s potential 2021 election victory.