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“Delta Takes Flight After Tweaks to Frequent Flyer Program!

Delta Airlines has recently made more tweaks to its SkyMiles frequent flyer program following the backlash it received from customers. Customers have been unhappy with the devaluation of miles and how the airline has been releasing limited award seats. In an attempt to address these grievances, the airline is making a few changes to the program. The first change Delta has made is to expand the number of complimentary upgrades available for Medallion members on international flights. There are now more upgradable tickets available on flights to premium levels like Comfort+, Premium Select, and Delta One. The airline has also made modifications to the Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQMs) structure so that certain trips during peak times earn more MQMs. The second change the airline has made is to reduce some of the fees associated with the redemption of points. Delta has implemented a policy whereby customers can use their earned miles to pay for certain fees, such as the seat selection fee or the baggage fee. This should alleviate some financial burden for those who wish to use their points for booking flights. The third change the airline has made is the introduction of a new loyalty tier, Delta One. This tier enables customers to receive more benefits and earn more miles with each purchase. The great thing about the new tier is that it also provides access to exclusive SkyMiles Accolades, which is a bonus program that offers additional rewards. Overall, it appears that Delta has responded quickly and efficiently to customers’ complaints about the SkyMiles program. By enhancing the availability of free upgrades and reducing fees for redemption of points, the airline has shown its commitment to bringing customer satisfaction back to the forefront. With the addition of the new Delta One tier, customers now have more ways to get rewarded and enjoy the perks of being loyal to the airline.