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“Shop Differently – CVS Health Removes Decongestants with Phenylephrine from Shelves!

When minor cold and sinus symptoms kick in, many of us reach for decongestants, typically available over the counter from pharmacies like CVS. However, this may not be the case for much longer. CVS Health recently announced that starting in 2020, they will begin phasing out the sale of decongestants that contain the active ingredient phenylephrine from their locations across the US. CVS Health’s decision was made in accordance with new guidance from the FDA, which found that there is currently insufficient scientific evidence to show that phenylephrine can actually reduce the duration or severity of common cold symptoms. In their statement, the organization stated that they intend to replace the affected products with “substitutes that have been proven to be safe and effective for cold and sinus symptom relief.” This decision may potentially affect a large number of people, as there are an estimated 250 million colds in the US per year. As of now, it’s uncertain how long the phase-out period will take or if other pharmaceutical companies will follow the FDA’s new guidance. Most of the affected products are expected to be replaced by products containing the active ingredient pseudoephedrine, making them available only behind the counter with pharmacist guidance. Consumers may also have to show their driver’s licenses or other forms of identification, as this active ingredient can also be used as precursor to illegal drugs like methamphetamines. In the end, CVS Health’s decision stands as a reminder that consumers should always be mindful of the efficacy and safety of the medication they take when trying to treat minor cold and sinus symptoms. By being well-informed and aware of what is available, we can ensure that we are making the best decisions for us and our health.