“Dems May Profit From House Speaker ‘Chaos’ as Race Carries On

As the race to determine the next Speaker of the House of Representatives stretches on into a new week, all eyes are on the Democratic Party. With both parties jockeying for position and a multitude of candidates emerging, Democrats have the unique opportunity to capitalize on the chaos that has emerged and gain an edge in the race for the powerful post. Despite the independent reps and moderate Dems who are pushing for Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) to become Speaker, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her coalition remain confident that they will secure the majority of votes necessary to put her back in the Speaker’s seat. But the fact remains that without the majority of the House’s Democrats fully unified and supporting Pelosi, the party could risk diminishing their advantage. The greater challenge comes in the form of the Republican Party. With one candidate, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Republicans have yet to make a serious collective push for their own nominee. Such could prove problematic for Democrats, as any further splintering of the party could be catastrophic for their chances of regaining the House’s leadership. As such, Democrats must take advantage of this chaotic period, focusing intensely on unifying the party behind a single candidate. There is a chance, however, that regardless of who is chosen for Speaker, the new figure might not be able to secure the votes of the House’s members. If this were to happen, Democrats may find themselves back at the drawing board. Regardless, Democrats still have a one-up on their opposition in this chaotic period. They must capitalize on it if they are to keep their momentum in the race for Speaker of the House. With the divided Republican Party standing in the way, the Democrats’ ability to remain united and select one clear nominee could prove to be the deciding factor.