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. “Innocents Lost: Counting the Cost of Hamas’ Attack on Israel”.

In recent news, the conflict between Hamas and Israel has escalated in violence and the costs of this conflict have become evident. According to reports, since Hamas’ attack started on May 10th, eleven people have been killed, hundreds have been injured, and thousands of civilians have been displaced. Additionally, about 150 people have been kidnapped by Hamas and more than 260 homes have been destroyed in the military operations. The violence has not been limited to the boundaries of the Gaza Strip. Hamas missiles have targeted densely populated cities in Israel and numerous air strikes have been launched in retaliation by the Israeli defense forces. This has caused thousands of Israelis to flee or seek shelter in underground safe houses. Although the current conflict between Hamas and Israel is the deadliest in years, it is far from over. On top of the casualties suffered on both sides, the conflict has displaced hundreds of people, caused hundreds of homes to be destroyed, and seen tens of thousands of people kidnapped and thousands of civilians seeking refuge – numbers that are currently estimated to be much higher. The effects of this conflict have not been limited to the two warring sides. The conflict has sparked global outrage and condemnation. It has been condemned by many world leaders including the United Nations Secretary General, the European Union, Arab countries, and the United States. The United Nations has called for an immediate ceasefire and urged both sides to come to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully. While the world waits for a resolution to this deadly conflict, it is important to remember the human cost of the violence that has ensued. The numbers cited here are a sobering reminder of the suffering that has been inflicted on both sides since Hamas’ attack on Israel, and underscore the urgency for both parties to come to an agreement that goes beyond a brief halt in the fighting.