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“Stellantis Strike Ended: Auto Worker’s Union Reaches Agreement!

Auto Workers Union and Stellantis Reach Deal to End Strike On Sunday, March 14th, an agreement was announced between the Canadian auto workers’ union Unifor and the newly formed Stellantis in hopes of ending a four-week long strike at Stellantis’ Windsor, Ontario facility. The agreement was described as tentative and is expected to be ratified in the next few days. Unifor represents roughly 3,400 workers at the Stellantis plant in Windsor and had been engaged in strike action since February 19th in support of its demands, which included cost-of-living allowances for workers in the plant. Stellantis had, however, resisted Unifor’s use of the cost-of-living allowance as a bargaining chip and had instead proposed a mixed package of wage increases and lump-sum payments. The deal that was announced on Sunday involved a mix of both lump-sum payments and wage increases spread out over the four-year span of the new contract. The agreement also includes the implementation of a permanent cost-of-living allowance to help ensure that workers’ salaries reflect changes in the cost of living in the area. Unifor President Jerry Dias expressed his gratification at the agreement, saying that “it was a difficult and long strike, but the end result is that we have secured a significant improvement in wages. We also successfully negotiated a permanent cost-of-living allowance that will ensure that our members do not have to fight these battles every round of negotiations.” The Stellantis plant in Windsor is the largest in Canada and produces the Chrysler Pacifica and Chrysler Voyager as well as the Dodge Caravan. Stellantis was formed earlier this year through the merger of Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot-Citroen, and the workers in Windsor have acted as guinea pigs, of sorts, for the newly-merged company. The ratification process is expected to be finished within the next few days, at which point all parties are free to proceed with normal operations.