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‘Impossible’ Evacuations & Worrying Warnings: What to Know Monday in Gaza Conflict

As of Monday morning, Israeli troops advanced into Gaza as the conflict on the ground escalated into its fourth day. The ongoing violence has left more than two hundred deaths across the Gaza strip, including the deaths of sixty seven children and dozens of Israeli troops. The Israeli military began a ground invasion of Gaza in response to an intense barrage of rocket fire originating from the region, while the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) also conducted air strikes against targets in the Hamas-controlled Gaza strip. In the wake of the escalation, the United Nations is warning that the situation is quickly deteriorating, with hundreds of thousands of civilians left in harm’s way. In particular, hospitals have been warned that they cannot evacuate their patients, due to the danger posed by proximity to the conflict. This has raised serious concerns about the health and safety of patients and medical personnel, with many healthcare workers forced to wear makeshift protective gear. At the same time, reports have emerged that Israel has intentionally targeted schools and other medical facilities in Gaza, further putting the lives of the civilians who rely on these services at risk. The latest round of violence has prompted a range of responses from the international community, with the United Nations Security Council calling for an immediate ceasefire and the United States and other world leaders calling for restraint. However, peace talks remain elusive as tensions continue to mount. With no sign of a resolution, the humanitarian situation in Gaza is quickly becoming untenable, raising the stakes for those in the region and beyond. As the conflict continues to unfold in the coming days, all eyes will be on the region to see whether a diplomatic solution can be achieved, or if the conflict will continue to spiral out of control.