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“White House Unveils Strict AI Executive Order: Companies Must Share National Security Risks With Feds

The White House has unveiled an Executive Order requiring companies to share information about national security risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). This order is intended to ensure the protection of the country’s intellectual property and critical infrastructure by having companies be more transparent about their use of AI. The Executive Order was prompted by growing concerns that artificial intelligence technology can be used maliciously to harm national interests, such as by hijacking control of an aircraft, conducting cyber-terrorist attacks, or infringing upon citizens’ privacy. The order requires companies to report any suspicious applications or other activities related to AI and artificial intelligence-enabled technologies to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). The order also requires the ODNI to issue a report to the President that assesses the risks that AI poses to the nation’s security. The report will include an assessment of the potential economic impact of AI, as well as potential responses to any nefarious uses that could be uncovered after the companies’ provide their information. The executive order is specifically aimed at companies that develop, market, and deploy AI systems, including data analytics. It applies to all AI-related technology, which includes machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and robotics. This requirement is consistent with previous executive orders on cybersecurity and critical technology that have been implemented since 2017. President Trump has said that “protecting American innovation is central to our economic and national security,” and this AI Executive Order is intended to take steps in this direction. The AI Executive Order is an important step towards greater transparency of companies’ use of AI and ensuring that national security is not compromised. With this order, the White House is prioritizing the safety of citizens and is creating a much-needed regulatory environment to ensure that the risks associated with AI are minimized.