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Massie’s Money Fight: How $14B Aid Package is ‘Extracted through Inflation and Taxes’

Massie Spars With Pro-Israel Group Over Proposed 14B Aid Package Extracted Through Inflation and Taxes In recent weeks, U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie (R—KY) has been clashing with a prominent pro-Israel group over a proposed aid package of $14 billion. The group, known as J Street, is a lobbying organization that works on behalf of Israel and promotes a two-state solution to the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Massie is pushing back against the group’s proposal to fund the aid package through taxes and inflation, which he believes would be damaging to the economy. The congressman argues that the money should instead be taken from other countries or federal departments and spared from the tax burden. Massie’s main argument against the proposal is that it would hurt the United States economy, which is currently recovering from the COVID-19 crisis. He believes that the latest aid package should come in the form of fiscal stimulus to help the struggling businesses, rather than through inflation or taxes. The congressman has also urged for Congress to oversight J Street’s aid package, citing the organization’s history of advocating for policies that Massie views as “bad for the nation” and “dangerous for the world.” In response, the activist group has released a statement, criticizing Massie for his stance on the issue. The statement argues that the proposed aid package is an essential part of the effort to achieve a lasting peace in the region and that the congressman’s opposition is misguided. The debate between Massie and J Street highlights the ongoing political struggle between the two sides of the Israel-Palestine conflict. While Massie is opposed to the proposed aid package, many other politicians have voiced their support and believe that it could be a key factor in trying to achieve a lasting agreement between the two countries. It remains to be seen how the debate will play out, but it is clear that Massie’s opposition presents a significant obstacle to J Street’s proposed package. Until a compromise is reached, the pro-Israel group will need to continue to push for their proposal in the face of significant resistance.