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‘Pharmageddon’: Will It Close Pharmacies as Protestors Unite?

The days of small mom-and-pop pharmacies could be numbered. A new protest movement called “Pharmageddon” has arisen in latest weeks among the nation’s independent drug stores. The goal of this movement is to raise awareness of the issues faced by these smaller any and all pharmacies and the communities they serve. As large conglomerates and chain drug stores continue to dominate the pharmacy market, independent pharmacies often have no choice but to close their doors and locations. This has become a major sticking point for Pharmageddon protesters who are now gathering to fight for their very survival. The movement has been gaining steam, with supporters staging protests and boycotts of the large pharmacy chains. They are also lobbying their state representatives, congressional members, and even governors in order to get more support. The independent pharmacies feel they are often treated as second-class citizens by the large drug store chains. They claim that the conglomerates have a market control that is forcing out small pharmacy owners who are trying their best to keep prices low and meet the needs of their customers. There is also the notion that the big pharmacies are taking away essential independence from the smaller pharmacies, effectively robbing communities of their identities. Many of these drug stores have served communities for generations and have become an integral part of where people work and live. The nationwide Pharmageddon campaign is hoping to save as many of these local drug stores as possible. They are advocating for fair business practices that will provide independent pharmacy owners with the resources and support they need to stay in business. The ultimate goal is to create a nationwide movement that brings mainstream media attention to Pharmageddon’s cause. This attention will hopefully lead to legislative action and reform that will guarantee the future of independent pharmacies. An important question looms in the air: can Pharmageddon curb the power of the big pharmacy conglomerates? Will it be able to keep local pharmacies alive and well? Only time will tell. Regardless of the outcome, Pharmageddon is making sure these small, independent drug stores have a fighting chance at survival.