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“Blackpink Lisa Sizzles Pre-Paris, but Chinese Social Media Page Fizzles Out!

On Tuesday, BlackPink rapper Lisa’s Chinese social media page was suspended without a warning after her performance in Paris last week. The Paris show was part of the BLACKPINK in Your Area world tour, and Lisa performed a burlesque-inspired routine popularized by many female K-pop acts. K-pop fans in China, however, did not seem to appreciate Lisa’s performance, and called it “too much” and “indecent.” To make matters worse, the incident was broadcast on the South Korean variety show “Weekly Idol,” which stirred up more criticism. This prompted Chinese netizens to lodge an official complaint against the performance, and the Chinese social media platform decided to suspend Lisa’s page as a result. The move came as a surprise to BLACKPINK fans, as Lisa’s Chinese social media page was already quite popular. She had hundreds of thousands of followers and was highly active on the platform, often engaging with her fans. BlackPink and their agency, YG Entertainment, have yet to comment on the matter. Fans of the group are hoping that the suspension is temporary and Lisa’s account will be reinstated soon. In the meantime, BLACKPINK fans can still follow the group on other social media sites, including Twitter and Instagram. As for Lisa, she remains a popular figure in the K-pop scene, and continues to tour the world with her group.