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Expert Warns: United Nations Gives Hamas Free License to Kill!

In a recent development, a prominent expert in international law has accused the United Nations of letting the militant group Hamas “literally get away with murder”. The expert, Susan G. K. Glazer, is an independent legal consultant, a visiting professor at Pepperdine University and the director of the Center for the Promotion of Human Rights and International Justice. Glazer made these remarks in response to a series of attacks by Hamas which resulted in the death and injury of innocent people in the Gaza Strip. She also pointed out that the UN has failed to implement any type of meaningful sanction on the group. Glazer argues that the UN has allowed Hamas to violate international law with impunity and has failed to hold them accountable for their actions. She claims that the UN is not taking the necessary steps to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip and that the lack of international accountability for the group has emboldened them to carry out more attacks. Glazer added that the situation is made even worse by the failure of certain countries, particularly the United States, to address the root causes of the conflict. She claims that without progress being made on the underlying issues of the conflict, there will be no end to the violence. Glazer concluded her remarks by calling on the UN to take action to end the attacks by Hamas and to enforce international law. She states that not only is the UN morally obligated to do so, but it is also necessary to protect innocent civilians in the Gaza Strip. Glazer’s remarks reflect many of the long-standing concerns held by the international community regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Though the UN has taken steps to address the conflict, Glazer argues that the organization needs to do more to ensure that justice and accountability prevail in the region. Until the international community takes decisive action, innocent civilians in the region will continue to suffer.