“Defeating Cultural Marxism: Unwoke by Ted Cruz

In his new book Unwoke: How to Defeat the Totalitarian Cultural Marxism Invading the US, author Carson Cruz seeks to shed light on the ways in which Cultural Marxism has infiltrated US society and the best ways to combat it. It is a must-read for those who feel overwhelmed with the current state of our nation and bullish progressives attempting to rewrite the founding principles of this country. Cruz provides clear and sensible solutions to the problems he identifies in his book. He argues for a return to traditional values and the idea of a “public moral creed” where people from all walks of life can come together and put aside differences in order to protect our liberties, which he sees as being threatened today. He defines “Cultural Marxism” as the philosophical system which seeks to “promote victimhood”, “discredit America and her values”, “erase distinctions between genders, races, and ethnicities”, “foment class warfare”, and “silence intellectual dissenters”. He argues that Cultural Marxism has infiltrated institutions of both higher learning as well as the larger corporate environment, and has resulted in a dangerous climate of thought-policing and censorship. Cruz is unafraid to take on controversial topics and seeks to dispel fears of raising legitimate concerns, often overlooked, regarding the damage Cultural Marxism has done to American values, as well as the protections guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. He clearly takes pride in his country and has a vision for a society where we can all pursue life, liberty, and happiness with equal opportunities and freedoms. A particular strength of this book is its systematic approach to identifying, countering, and conquering the ideas of Cultural Marxism, making it invaluable for those looking for sound advice for dismantling the politically correct dogma that has taken over the US. In his book, Cruz illuminates the ways in which Cultural Marxism has infiltrated American culture and proposes steps that can be taken to restore America to its former glory. Unwoke is a valuable resource for those looking for the intellectual ammunition they can use to stand up to the forces who are trying to change the American identity, and the vision of what can be achieved if we can unite as “one nation, under God, indivisible”.