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. “Poll Disapproval Brings Decline in Biden Support: Unfavorable Results Inundate!

As the 2020 presidential election looms closer and closer, former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign appears to be more and more uncertain. His unfavorable poll numbers have been steadily increasing and are now reaching levels unseen in any recent election. Recent polls conducted by Gallup, Pew Research Center, and various other outlets have indicated that Biden’s favorable rating is dropping significantly. This comes in stark contrast to the reaction he received earlier in the campaign when he secured the Democratic nomination. The Biden campaign has attempted to downplay the concern, noting that the polls are only one piece of a larger puzzle. Still, the consistent and drastic dips in favorability are not a good sign for the former vice president. What is truly concerning to Biden’s supporters is the fact that President Trump’s numbers have been steadily increasing as Biden’s decrease. In a matter of months, Trump has gone from being the most unpopular president in history to now being in line with some of the most popular presidents in history. While Biden’s team remains confident that he will win the election, the fact that his favorability rating is dropping makes it more unclear who the American people believe would be better suited to lead the country. The weaknesses Biden is facing now were largely absent when he began his campaign. At that time, he seemed to resonate strongly with progressives, moderates, and even Republicans alike. But now it appears that the strength he had at the start of the race is fading due to what is at least in part a lack of energy and enthusiasm for his candidacy. It is unclear what Biden can do to reverse this trend or improve his standing with the American people. What is certain is that his numbers must improve substantially if he is to have any hope of defeating Trump in November. Otherwise, his election hopes could be in jeopardy and the future of the United States could be at stake.