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New Title: Blazing Hot: Earth Experiences Record High Temps in 125,000 Years.

It has been recorded that humanity just experienced its hottest 12-month period in the last 125,000 years. This shocking research was carried out by earth scientists with the help of fossilized coral from around the world. As per their studies, the period between May 2019 to April 2020 was the hottest period that has been recorded in the last 125,000 years. The coral fossils that were studied for this research were found as deep as 16 feet below the surface of the oceans. From these fossils, the scientists conducted an exhaustive analysis to collect the underlying ocean temperatures from different points in the history of human timeline. While the current record was set in the last 12 months, a trend was also noticed showing an increase in the climatic turbulence over the last three decades. This new research has been published in the ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences’ journal and comes at a time when the global climate is under intense scrutiny. With most countries acknowledging the crucial impact of climate change, this new development further amplifies the global concerns related to the degradation of environment that the mankind is witnessing. This isn’t the first time that extreme climatic changes have been noticed and it is expected that the trend will continue to rise in the near future as well. The scientists have urged the different governments to take necessary measures for curbing the increasing carbon footprint and reducing the environmental damages that are being caused due to the current lifestyles and habits of the mankind. The bottom line is that the climate change effect can be seen prominently today and stronger interventions are needed in the present times, to book the brighter future of the world for our coming generations.