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“Reward Your Credit Card Spending with United Airlines’ Revamped Frequent Flyer Program

United Airlines recently announced updates to their MileagePlus loyalty program that could have a significant impact on their frequent flyer customers. Starting January 1, 2020, MileagePlus members can earn bonus mileage when they use their United Airlines-branded credit cards to make purchases. This new update could be beneficial for frequent flyers as well as those who travel occasionally. Members will now have more opportunities to earn bonus miles without having to fly. This can help to stretch their travel budget and get more out of their money when they do fly. The new program is being called MileagePlus Xcelerate and it will provide members with a tiered rewards system depending on how much they spend. The more they spend, the more miles they can earn. Additionally, members can earn double and triple miles on different types of purchases, such as dining, entertainment, and retail spending. The program will also include a “Plus Points” feature where members can accumulate points when making certain purchases. These points can then be used to purchase products in the MileagePlus Merchandise Store. Members will also have access to exclusive offers such as discounts on rental-car reservations, hotel stays, and vacation packages. Overall, we can clearly see that United Airlines is trying to attract more loyal customers with this new update to the MileagePlus program. The new rewards structure is sure to please frequent flyers as well as those who simply travel from time to time. With MileagePlus Xcelerate, members will now have an even better reason to choose United Airlines when booking their trips.