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“Astonishing Transformation: Decades-Long Glacier Shrinkage Seen in Greenland – Before & After Photos

Climate change is a reality that is being felt across the world, and its effects are particularly apparent in Greenland. In recent years, thousands of Greenland’s glaciers have been rapidly shrinking. A comparison between before and after photos taken from different glaciers shows just how much the area has changed in recent decades. Greenland covers an area of over 2.1 million square kilometers, which is largely covered by ice. Since the early 19th century,this icy terrain has been melting at an increasing rate due to climate change. As a result, many of Greenland’s glaciers have almost completely disappeared. As radar and satellite technology have been advancing, glaciers can now be better mapped, tracked, and monitored. Thanks to before and after photos taken of these glaciers, it’s possible to track the dramatic changes that they have been undergoing. One glacier in particular, the Jakobshavn Isbræ, has seen a drastic decrease in size over a 20 year period – from 2000 to 2020, the glacier has receded a staggering 14 kilometers. If the changes occurring in Greenland continue, it could have severe impacts on global sea levels. There’s a real danger of the ice caps melting so rapidly that it causes large parts of the landmass to be submerged underwater. If this happens, it could have major effects on the local ecosystem, as well as many coastal cities around the world. While climate change is something that needs to be addressed at a global level, it’s important that we recognize how much it’s already impacting Greenland. The before and after photos of Greenland’s glaciers are a clear indication that the melting process is far advanced and that drastic measures need to be undertaken if we are to combat it.