“Fleeing from Reality: Is the Shoplifting Surge a Myth?

Are Fears of a Shoplifting Surge Running Away from the Facts? In recent news, there has been much concern about a potential surge in shoplifting. This trend has been attributed to a decrease in retail security measures, combined with a weak economy and tough job market. But is this fear accurate? To find out, we must look at the facts. According to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), shoplifting losses in 2018 were estimated to be approximately $4.5 billion. This amount is slightly lower than the previous year’s figure, but it is still a significant percentage of annual retail losses. A study by Point of Sale 2012 revealed further interesting figures. It found that retailers in the United States have the highest rate of shoplifting losses in the world, at a whopping 22.3%. This is much higher than the global average, which is 16.4%. It also revealed that the UK has the second-highest rate, with 14.6%. Interestingly, it appears the fear of a surge in shoplifting may be overstated. A report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation showed that reported shoplifting incidents have remained fairly constant in recent years. This data confirms that the threat of shoplifting is not increasing as quickly as some may fear. Nevertheless, it seems clear that retailers still have to remain vigilant against shoplifting. Although the predicted surge may not have materialised, it is still a costly problem that needs to be addressed. To combat the threat of shoplifting, retailers should invest in tools such as security cameras, access control systems and automated checkout systems. Additionally, staffing levels should be kept high in order to deter potential criminals. In conclusion, it appears that the feared surge in shoplifting is not currently occurring. Nonetheless, retailers should continue to take the threat of shoplifting seriously and invest in the necessary measures to protect their businesses.