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“One-Eyed Warrior Fights On: He May Have Lost an Eye, But He’s Still Defending the King of the Jungle

When most people think of conservationists, they think of someone who seeks to protect wildlife and environment with no personal stake in the matter. However, 45-year-old Prabhu Bhatara has made great personal sacrifices in order to protect the majestic king of the jungle, the tiger. Two years ago, Prabhu Bhatara was on a routine mission to tranquilize and move a tiger that was straying close to human habitation. However, the tiger then suddenly charged at him and within seconds, he was left with a shattered eye and a wounded heart. This catastrophic incident left Bhatara to require follow up surgical treatments and a false eye was inserted in his place. Despite the accident, Bhatara displays exemplary courage and determination to continue his crusade to protect these solitary beasts. Even after the accident, he remains the head of the local conservation in Muniguda, which is located in Odisha. By doing so, Bhatara is able to keep the locals from getting too close to the tigers while also ensuring their safety. The locals of Muniguda are extremely grateful and inspired by Bhatara’s courage. He has also set up a village guard team which is made up of 30 people whose job is protect the local tigers as well as the people living in nearby villages. Furthermore, multiple organizations and individuals have come forward to support Bhatara’s cause. Wildlife SOS, an organization dedicated to protecting animals, have created a fund in Bhatara’s name. The funds are being used by Bhatara to treat his eye and to support his relentless mission of conservation. Remarkably, even after all this, Prabhu Bhatara retains his undying passion for his work and for the safety of the world’s greatest cat species. Bhatara has recently said, “I might have lost an eye while protecting the Tiger, but I will continue to fight to protect them no matter what.” This conservationist’s remarkable contribution to protecting tigers is in no way limited by his physical limitations and serves as a testament that even the most brutally injured can fight for a noble cause. Bhatara stands out amongst conservationists of the world as an inspiration for us all.