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Suella Braverman Out! David Cameron’s Shock Resurgence into GB Government

Today marks a significant change to the British cabinet as Suella Braverman has been fired from her position as Home Secretary, after just seven months in office. The news comes as former prime minister David Cameron has made a surprise return to the government, with a new role as a Minister of State at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Due to the current pandemic that’s gripping much of the world, the British government has had to make some difficult decisions in recent months. With the new circumstances, David Cameron’s unique skill set and experience were seen as ideal to assist in the nation’s recovery. Suella Braverman was chosen to take on the role of Home Secretary in February this year, when Theresa May set out the government’s agenda. During her tenure, she proved to be a fiercely independent thinker and a tough negotiator. She didn’t shy away from controversial issues, and was willing to stand up for the views she held. However, her effectiveness was hampered by the tight restrictions that the current coalition government has had to impose in order to reduce public spending. Eager to make her mark, Suella Braverman became the first British Home Secretary to announce a national debate on a points-based immigration system. While this was widely praised as a progressive move, there were some who criticised it for the additional bureaucratic hurdles that it may put in place. In the coming weeks it is expected that David Cameron will be taking over many of Suella Braverman’s talks as Home Secretary. He has already met with European Union representatives to discuss a wide range of issues, from the potential impact of Brexit to future arrangements for the trade and movement of people. With the current situation being so unpredictable, it remains to be seen what kind of role the ex-Prime Minister will play. One thing is for certain, however: Suella Braverman has set the bar high in terms of courage and ambition, and her departure provides another opportunity to reassess the UK government’s approach in these testing times.