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Arming Up After Hamas Attack Leaves Israelis Divided: Is It Playing to the Far Right’s Vision of Israel?

In the wake of a recent surge in attacks between Hamas and militants from the Gaza Strip on one side and the Israeli military on the other, many concerned citizens in Israel are beginning to arm themselves. The southern city of Sderot has been particularly hard-hit, seeing more than 700 rockets launched at it from Gaza in the past week alone. The government has indicated that it will respond to the attacks with a strong security presence, both in terms of providing physical protection to its citizens and of enforcing policies designed to isolate and weaken Hamas. At the same time, some Israelis are responding to the situation in a less conventional way: by arming themselves with weapons. This decision has sparked debate among citizens, with some arguing that arming themselves is a sensible way to ensure their personal security, while others accusing those doing so of playing into the narrative of the far right, who have long advocated for increasing firearms laws and restrictions on gun ownership. The individuals who are arming up range from those who fear for their lives to those who are taking a more ideological stance. While some believe arming up can be a way to resist the ever-increasing power and influence of the far right when it comes to gun-control policy, others see it as a direct affront to the rule of law and the security of the nation. Ultimately, the question is whether or not arming up is necessary, or if it will just lead to more violence and chaos. It’s clear that the Israeli government will continue to respond to the conflict in Gaza in its own way, but with tensions high and Hamas still in control of the strip, it’s likely that some Israeli citizens will continue to arm themselves regardless of the potential consequences. In the meantime, it’s important to remember that arming up should never be seen as a substitute for traditional, lawful security measures, and that all Israeli citizens should take responsibility for their own safety while avoiding any actions that could further inflame the already volatile situation.