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Germany Warns: EU Won’t Make 1 Million-Round Ammunition Goal for Ukraine as Conflict Drags On

Germany has confirmed that the EU is likely to miss its 1 million round ammunition target for Ukraine, as the war grinds on. This is a worrying development, as the shortage of arms for the Ukrainians could have serious implications for a conflict that has raged on for more than four years. At a press conference in Berlin, German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas said that the EU had missed its goal of providing Ukraine with enough ammunition to last the duration of the conflict. The EU has provided Ukraine with more than 500,000 rounds of ammunition since the war began in 2014, but has yet to reach its ambition of providing 1 million rounds. Maas expressed his worry that the situation in Ukraine could worsen due to lack of ammunition. “We are aware that the fighting in eastern Ukraine and Crimea is still ongoing, and it is a serious problem that can’t be ignored,” he said. He also said that the EU must look beyond supplying military aid, and focus on diplomatic and economic measures to try to end the conflict. In addition to the shortage of ammunition, the war has had a devastating impact on the Ukrainian economy. The conflict has inflicted significant damage on the country’s infrastructure, and the conflict has shut down vital economic links with Russia. The European Union has pledged to provide economic assistance to Ukraine, but Ukraine is still struggling to recover from the conflict. It is clear that the EU must continue to support Ukraine, both militarily and economically, if it is to end the conflict and ensure peace and stability in the region.