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“Surge of Anti-Semitism Untold: Human Rights Lawyer Observes Unprecedented Jew Hatred After Hamas Attacks in Israel

In recent days, human rights lawyers have been alarmed by the alarming rise in anti-Semitic violence in Israel following the Hamas rocket attacks. Rachel Benjamin, a prominent human rights lawyer, said she was deeply concerned by what she termed the “escalating hatred” of Jews in the country. Benjamin noted that the violence was being perpetrated by both Israeli and Palestinian groups and that it had “very little to do with religion and everything to do with power.” The human rights lawyer went on to say that the attacks were “designed to intimidate and frighten” and that the aim was to “delegitimize and ostracize” Jews. The recent surge in violence targeting Jews has been upsetting to the local Jewish population as well as to the international community. Several organizations have come forward to criticize the hate-filled violence, including the United Nations Human Rights Office and the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC expressed “grave concern” over the rise in anti-Semitic violence, describing it as “intolerable” and noting that the attacks “undermine the core values of a democratic and pluralistic society.” The organization has also urged all governments involved to hold accountable those responsible for such violence. The United Nations Human Rights office has also condemned the attacks, calling them an “inhuman and criminal act”. The organization has urged all sides to de-escalate the violence and to “resolve the conflict through dialogue”. It is clear that the international community is deeply concerned about the rise in anti-Semitic violence in the region and are looking to ensure that justice is served. Rachel Benjamin has been a staunch advocate in this regard, and her recent words have only deepened the urgency of the situation.