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UN Claim on Israeli Defenses Stirs Uproar

The United Nations, the international organization responsible for maintaining world peace, has been at the center of a heated controversy after an official released an announcement stating that Israel did not have the right to “defend itself” against Hamas terrorists. The statement was made by Michael Lynk, the United Nations’ special envoy on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, during a speech delivered at the UN’s Human Rights Council Meeting in Geneva earlier this week. Lynk’s comments sparked immediate outrage across the globe, with both Israeli and American leaders quickly denouncing the statement as “outrageous” and “unacceptable”. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the statement as “damaging and dangerous” and called it a “double standard” against Israel. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a lengthy statement on Twitter, in which he clarified that “Israel has a right to defend itself from Hamas terrorists who are attacking its citizens with rockets and other weapons. This is an inalienable part of the UN Charter and international law.” In response to the outcry generated by Lynk’s statement, the UN quickly issued a clarification, stating that “The UN does not take any position on whether or not states have a right to self-defense in any given circumstance.” Despite the UN’s attempt to diffuse the situation, the controversy has sparked a heated debate among the international community, with many citing the notorious bias the UN has historically exhibited against the state of Israel. As the world continues to grapple with this highly charged issue, only time will tell how the international community will respond. It is certain, however, that this controversial statement from the UN official has highlighted the UN’s biased stance towards Israel, as well as the complicated and contentious relationship between the two nations.