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“Pompeo’s Blistering Rebuke: ‘Moral Compass Is Broken’ for Biden Admin Officials Who Defied Him on Israel-Hamas Letter

The Trump administration’s former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, recently criticized senior, career U.S. Department of State officials who signed a dissent letter regarding U.S. policy on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. In an interview with Fox News, Pompeo said the signers of the letter showed “abhorrent behavior” and lack of understanding of the conflict and its context. Pompeo also strongly criticized the Biden administration, claiming the moral compass of its officials was broken. The dissent letter, which was signed by over two hundred and fifty mostly anonymous career U.S. Department of State officials, condemned the escalating violence in the region and expressed “grave concern” about U.S. policy, namely, the Trump administration’s significant shift in policy towards recognizing Jerusalem as the recognized capital of Israel. The dissent letter surfaced as the Biden administration is attempting to bring calm to the region while the death toll from the conflict soars. Biden has thus far been cautious in his approach, refraining from fully criticizing or disciplining any of the signers of the letter. Pompeo, however, argued that the U.S. must show support for the State of Israel, a long-standing ally. He also echoed Trump’s position that the United States should never intervene in a situation that requires immediate action if it does not reflect an American interest. At the same time, Pompeo stressed that the U.S. should not take sides in the conflict but instead work to bring a diplomatic solution to the issue. He also rejected the notion that the United States should simply “sit back and watch”, and that its diplomacy should demonstrate a preference for peace. In conclusion, the highly controversial dissent letter brought to the forefront considerable debate within the United States and around the world. Mike Pompeo was quick to criticize senior U.S. officials for signing the letter and to deliver a strong message to the Biden administration about its policy towards the region. Going forward, it will be interesting to observe how the Biden administration navigates both local and international pressures in order to find a resolution to the conflict.