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“Revealed: How a T-Mobile Employee Stole Naked Photos After a Phone Trade-In

T-Mobile is facing a lawsuit over an incident involving a former employee who allegedly accessed and stole nude images from the phone of a customer that was traded in at a store the employee worked at. According to the law firm representing the affected customer, the incident occurred in August 2020 when the customer arrived at the store in Augusta, Georgia to trade in their phone. The customer had reportedly taken steps to back up their phone memory, including photos and other personal data that were not supposed to be shared with any third-parties. Upon going through the trade-in process, the customer received a call from the T-Mobile store employee who advised him that new phones come with empty memory cards and instructed the customer to purchase a new micro-SD card. The customer did as instructed, expecting the phone memory to be backed up. However, after the trade-in process was complete, the employee allegedly accessed the customer’s phone and illegally accessed both nude images of the customer as well as text messages. The employee then proceeded to share the images and messages on social media—exposing the customer to public humiliation and ridicule. As a result of the employee’s actions, the customer reportedly filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court in Augusta, seeking both -punitive damages and compensatory damages from T-Mobile. The lawsuit further seeks an injunction against the company to ensure that such an incident does not occur again in the future. The law firm representing the customer has since stated that “the actions of the employee were blatant and inexcusable violations of the rights of our client and should not be tolerated. We are confident that the court will send a clear message to companies that violate the privacy of their customers by upholding our client’s claims.” This incident serves as a reminder to companies of the importance of having strong policies in place to protect customers’ confidential information. It is also a reminder that companies must take steps to ensure their employees always act with integrity and respect the privacy and security of customers.