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Biden Ushers in 81st Birthday By Celebrating White House Thanksgiving Tradition

As President Joe Biden turns 81 this week, the Biden administration has decided to add to their enormous list of accomplishments by honoring a White House Thanksgiving tradition. The official White House statement reveals that the Bidens will celebrate the holiday by presenting applesauce to each of the residence’s staff members, a kind gesture that President Biden calls “a sign of appreciation, friendship, and goodwill between those who serve and the First Family”. The President has even asked for other family members in the White House to help him in this special gesture. This inspiring tradition has been ongoing since President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and it has been faithfully interwoven into the fabric of the White House Thanksgiving celebration ever since. Handing out applesauce to the residence staff is both an expression of gratitude for their hard work and a powerful symbol of the unity that exists between the President and his staff. The President’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, was thrilled at the prospect of helping the president in this unique act of kindness, stating that, “It is an honor for us to partake in this historic tradition, and a humbling reminder of the profound respect that our President has for each and every one of our beloved staff members”. Indeed, the Biden administration has already demonstrated admirable dedication to their staff and unprecedented effort in unifying the country. In light of this Thanksgiving’s festivities, the Bidens are focusing even further on fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere in Washington, D.C., putting everyone’s wellbeing first. As the President enjoys his 81st birthday this week and the White House prepares to welcome its first guests since Inauguration Day, words like “friendship,” “appreciation,” and “goodwill” are sure to become even more prevalent around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Despite all the adversity of this year, the Biden administration shows no signs of backing down from their mission to bring the country closer together.