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“How We Broke the Heat Barrier: The World Hits 2-Degree Mark for the First Time

The world has officially broken the unprecedented mark of two-degree Celsius in global temperature rise, surpassing the dangerous threshold for the first time, according to a new report. The milestone marks an unfortunate milestone in the earth’s climate history and highlights the urgent need for action to reduce global warming. The news was revealed when an analysis of global temperatures showed that 2020 had become the warmest year on record. This finding, published in a joint report from the United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization and researchers from the Copernicus Climate Change Service, found that the global average temperature during 2020 was 1.25 degree Celsius higher than pre-industrial levels. This new data confirmed that 2020 marked the first time in recorded history that the global temperature exceeded the two-degree Celsius threshold above pre-industrial levels. This break in trend is a major wakeup call to the international community to take climate change seriously and to work together to mitigate its effect on the planet’s climate and the lives of all who inhabit it. The science is clear – any rise in global temperature beyond the two-degree Celsius mark will have grave consequences for the future of humanity. It has been estimated that going beyond this critical threshold could lead to a breakdown of natural ecosystems, unprecedented species extinction, and extreme weather patterns like droughts and floods. Moreover, the effects of climate change already being felt in certain parts of the world due to global heating. These include an increase in extreme weather events, shifting of monsoon patterns, accelerated sea-level rise, rising ocean temperatures, and acidification of the seas. The world needs to act now in order to prevent further destruction due to climate change. This requires bold and courageous political action, along with investments in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other green technologies. Additionally, it is essential that nations strengthen their efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and increase their resilience to the unavoidable impacts of global warming. It is thus crucial that the nations of the world come together and work to reduce global warming to the greatest extent possible. If not addressed now, the effects of climate change will continue to accelerate – leading to potentially catastrophic consequences in the near future.