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“Biden Admin Seizes on Israel-Hamas Cease-fire and Hostage Release: Good News at Last!

The Biden administration welcomed the deal between Israel and Hamas with a cautious optimism on Thursday, that brings an announced ceasefire and the release of hostages in exchange for a truce agreement. The deal ended 11 days of conflict between the two Palestinian territories, during which Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza and Hamas retaliated with rocket attacks. In a statement released by Sec. of State Antony Blinken, he declared that: “We welcome the agreement today for a mutual and unconditional cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas and other groups in Gaza. This is an important step to begin to restore calm and to End the violence. We urge all parties to adhere to the terms of the agreement.” The agreement was reached with the help of Egypt, which acted as a mediator between the two sides. Under the terms, Israel agreed to lift the siege on Gaza in exchange for a cessation of rocket attacks and the release of prisoners. The agreement also provides for a possible increase in humanitarian aid to the battered enclave, as well as a $200 million investment in infrastructure and other services. At the same time, the Biden administration remains aware of the tensions that still exist between Israel and Gaza and urged all sides to act with caution and restraint. Blinken said in his statement, “We urge all parties to exercise maximum restraint, avoid provocative actions and rhetoric, and respect the ceasefire.” Furthermore, the Biden administration expressed its commitment to helping Israelis and Palestinians achieve a lasting peace and a two-state solution. “The United States reaffirms its obligation to help facilitate a credible and lasting peace between the two sides,” Blinken said. The Biden administration’s response to the agreement between Israel and Hamas demonstrates that the White House is keen to bring a peaceful end to the conflict. However, the Middle East peace process is complex and there is still much work to be done in order to bring lasting peace to the region.