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“Fueling the Flaming Conflict: Biden Pumps Money into Both Sides of Israel-Hamas War

As the Biden Administration continues to grapple with its foreign policy agenda, the situation in the Middle East remains a focus of the administration’s attention. In the aftermath of the recent Israel-Hamas war, the U.S. government is providing both sides with a number of diplomatic and direct financial support. In an effort to de-escalate the conflict, the Biden Administration has allocated funds to assist in reconstruction efforts for the destruction caused by the conflict. The funding provided includes direct assistance to both the Israeli and Hamas governments. On the Israeli side, the U.S. is providing $235 million to Israel to assist in humanitarian efforts and to fund the rebuilding of damaged infrastructure. Additionally, the U.S. is providing a $3 billion loan guarantee to the Israeli government to assist in the purchase of new weapons and equipment needed for defense. The U.S. is also providing assistance to the Hamas government in the form of $50 million in aid over the next five years. This aid is intended to aid in infrastructure rebuilding and to help provide essential services to the Palestinian people. Additionally, the U.S. is providing assistance to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which is dedicated to providing humanitarian aid to Palestinian refugees. The Biden Administration has taken a significant step forward in the effort to de-escalate the recent conflict in the region. By providing both sides with economic and military support, the U.S. is attempting to foster diplomatic progress and to ensure that the recent conflict does not become an even bloodier affair. While the support offered to both sides in the conflict is significant, the actual results of these actions remain to be seen. There is no doubt that the funding provided by the U.S. will assist in the rebuilding efforts that are needed in order for the region to move forward. However, it is also unclear if the assistance provided will help to establish lasting and meaningful peace between Israel and Hamas in the future.