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“Kyle Vogt Stepping Down: GM-owned Robotaxi Unit To Move On Without Cruise CEO

Cruise, a self-driving world leader, took a major hit recently as its Chief Executive Officer, Kyle Vogt, announced his resignation from the firm that is owned by General Motors. Vogt’s announcement came shortly after GM’s President, Dan Ammann, chose longtime executive, Hazri Sharma, to take his place. It is believed that Ammann believed that Sharma would be more capable of managing the autonomous vehicle manufacturer, whose self-driving technology is currently at the forefront of the industry. Sharma will now take on the role of CEO of Cruise as well as President of GM. This is a promotion for the 68-year-old executive, who has been with GM since 1991. Sharma has served in several roles, most recently overseeing the GM Innovation Center. In his statement announcing the move, Vogt thanked GM for the opportunity and highlighted the progress made in the self-driving technology space. He also emphasized the importance of the company’s work in helping build an autonomous vehicle future. The news of Vogt’s departure comes at a critical time for Cruise, which is still developing the self-driving car. In the past few years, the firm has established itself as a leading autonomous vehicle technology provider, raising a substantial amount of capital and forming partnerships with the likes of Microsoft, Honda, and Hyundai. Vogt’s exit from Cruise is sure to be felt in the autonomous vehicle industry, as his experience and leadership have been fundamental in the growth of the company. In the past four years, under Vogt’s guidance, Cruise has made considerable advancements and now produces its own fleet of autonomous vehicles. As Vogt moves on, we can expect to see significant changes at Cruise. While the shift in power may lead to some internal reworking of the firm, it is sure to be positive as Cruise continues its efforts to develop safer, more efficient autonomous vehicles.